Crane Scale

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JWIKWD has developed Hanging Scale ranges from 30 kg to 300 kg capacity, keeping in mind the user and application where it is used.

Models are available in SS Body also.

Suitable for Poultries, Market Yards, Shops, Retail outlets etc


CS 01-30 k 30 kg5 gIII
CS 01-60 k60 kg10 gIII
CS 01-100 k 100 kg20 gIII
CS 01-150 k 150 kg50 gIII
CS 01-300 k 300 kg100 gIII

Available Models

AJ 220220 g0.001 gII118 mm dia
AJ 420420 g0.001 gII118 mm dia
AJ 820820 g0.01 gII142×170 mm
AJ 12001200 g0.01 gII142×170 mm 
AJ 22002200 g0.01 gII160×180 mm 
AJ 32003200 g0.01 gII160×180 mm
AJ 42004200 g0.01 gII160×180 mm
AJ 62006200 g0.01 gII160×180 mm
AJ 1200012000 g0.1 gII160×180 mm
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